About Us

We are a Manchester based company telling big, bold stories in theatre and film.


Watch our latest showreel here:

Our mission statement

  • To produce new work that experiments with style, form and process in theatre and film
  • To reimagine and invigorate classic/known stories
  • To introduce new audiences and participants to high quality, innovative creative practice
  • To engage with cultural institutions and buildings to collaborate on projects that reach new and varied audiences and participants
  • To celebrate talent, and to contribute to creative communities by supporting and collaborating with other emerging artists and companies
  • To produce work in a holistic, collaborative, inclusive and ensemble way

Who we are

Abi Hynes – Artistic Director

Abi is a writer, producer, performer and director. As a playwright, she has undertaken training with The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester, and graduated from The Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Young Writers Programme in 2010. She also writes and performs fiction and poetry.

Rachel Fernández-Arias – Artistic Director

Rachel is a director, filmmaker, photographer, sound designer and technician, as well as a workshop leader and teacher. She currently spends most of her time teaching, but she still leads on our film projects, and produces our trailers and production photography.

Abi and Rachel are also part of a collective that run First Draft cabaret nights. Find out more.

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